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Our People Leaders

A quick and brief look at our leaders.

Sulaiman Khan Ghori


Sulaiman Khan Ghori is the founder and mentor of the Humanagement group. In his illustrious career that spans over 60 years, Mr Ghori has made several impacts in the fields of people, infrastructure, engineering, training, real estate, social welfare, marketing, asset management and more.

Mr Ghori's education includes a bachelor's in engineering and a master's in technology. He has served on the boards of several monumental institutions and been a part of various large-scale business activities.

S K Ghori has many feathers in his cap, he was awarded the Golden Peacock National Training Award and headed the HRD sector of one of India's largest public sector enterprises.

A shrewd and bold investor, Mr Ghori never cared for any elements of risk and made fearless decisions throughout his life. His business experience and endeavours have been passed down to his son and grandson who enable the running of the organisation now.


Dr A S K Ghori

Dr A S K Ghori is a people developer, business person and Human-Resource Expert with vast experience in a wide range of sectors and industries. He has a Doctorate in Business Management and is a fellow of the most prestigious people management institute - The Chartered Institute Of Personnel Development, UK. Dr Ghori has written and published several articles in various magazines and publications. His leadership coaching and training services are yearned for and extremely exclusive. Dr Ghori enjoys the fine aspects of life, humanity and change. Always looking toward making a holistic impact in an un-idealistic world, he has spent several sleepless nights pondering on issues like world hunger, food crisis, philanthropic endeavours and global poverty. Dr Ghori's business experience of over 25 years involves the following sectors - Airports, Highways, Education, SEZ, Foundation, Energy, Insurance, Trading, Processes, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Asset Management, Agriculture, Art and many more.

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Mohammed Ashraf Khan Ghori


Ashraf Ghori is an artist, philanthropist and business person. He runs a donation therapy platform, Gratuito. Ashraf believes in gratuitousness and the immense joy of giving. He is a young man who doesn’t let his youth define him. Making decisions, handling situations and taking a mature, judgement-free approach to life, he’s accomplished a great deal. He makes abstract art of various forms and writes expressionist poetry. He is also a pragmatic and skilled business leader. Always open to unique and unconventional ideas, Mohammed Ashraf Khan Ghori, is enlightenment in a suit.
(A firm believer of gratuitousness, Ashraf strives to give and encourage others to do the same. He believes that in giving we get, not just material, but also emotional, spiritual and metaphysical. As we give so we grow)




Mohammed Saleemuddin Ahmed is a high court advocate and the head of business development at Humanagement. Mr Ahmed has a vast business experience of over forty years in trading, foods, law, real estate, gold, asset management, construction and more.

Mr Ahmed was drawn to the art of trading and businesses from an early age. He enjoyed observing and partaking in business activities since his childhood.

He has started and run several successful businesses, from the auction houses of Hyderabad to the FMCG market of Qatar, M S Ahmed is a shining image of consistency.

Mr Ahmed is an excellent orator and has always nurtured his leadership qualities as well as his ability to learn new things. Mr Ahmed is a courageous and invaluable asset to Humanagement.

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